Sep 9, 2012

My backyard

My backyard, 100cm x 74cm, Oil on canvas (NFS)
This is the new one, in the series of family members portraits that I recently worked on, love this one so much that I'm not going to sell it!

Catherine Hill Bay

Catherine Hill Bay, 2012   Acrylic on board,  100cm x 74cm  (available)

Purple bridge

Purple bridge, 2012 100cm x 46cm, Oil on board (available)

Can't help myself to shoot in opera house in Sydney with this spectacular sunset, then I thought it might be a challenge to paint in this angle, so there it is, one of my favorite!

Scratchley foreshore, Newcastle

Anzac Day Memory, 100cm x 46.3cm, Oil on board (available)

Abstract - feeling inside of me

Abstract - feeling inside of me, 2012, 100cm x 100cm, Acrylic on board (available)
Abstract painting is not my cup of tea, cos don't really understand it & never think I can or will paint it until now I "HAVE" to do it, I  was struggled a lot....."there's no rules, no shape, nothing, try to forget about all these, just paint!" day my teacher said to me, here we go, it's all from my heart, something deep inside it, just paint without any constrains or limitations, can you feel it?

Abstract - feeling of Hong Kong

Abstract - feeling of Hong Kong, 2011, 97.5cm x 97.5cm, Acrylic on canvas (available)

this one I've been trying hard, the rule is, we can only paint squares and/or rectangles & nothing else, the teacher told us that your painting will seat there & keep crying until you fix them, so I worked very hard until it satisfied & stop crying.

Australia Outback

Outback - Australia, 2011  Oil on canvas, 70cm x 70cm (available)